-- STEP I --

Scholastic Requirement


  1. Upper division
    • Junior : Top 1/8th of your class (based on CGPA)
    • Senior: Top 1/5th of your class (based on CGPA)
  2. GPA Requirement: Must have 3.0 Cumulative GPA to be qualified (Average GPA of Fall 2019 initiation is 3.56)               

graduate / Alumni

Graduate students and alumni (recently graduated) who are interested in membership should reach out to us via here or email us at if you are interested. We will provide you with more information once we confirmed your eligibility.

  • Graduate student:
    1. Top 1/5th of your class (based on CGPA)
    2. A signed document stating completion of at least 50% of degree requirements including coursework and research
  • Alumni:
    1. Graduated as top 1/5th of class
    2. Max of one semester post graduation

Eminent Engineer

  1. Graduated
    • At least 10 years ago with degree in engineering
    • At least 15 years ago with a degree in an area other than engineering
  2. Career in engineering (with requirements)
  3. Work in field of engineering, including administration of engineering school
  4. Submit a detailed resume including publication and other society memberships

-- STEP II --

Documents Requirement

Submission package

Please send the documents to as attachments.
Resume, transcript and the initiation fee must be submitted in order to proceed further.

Initiation fee must be paid before initiation.


TBP member’s resume will be gathered and compiled for recruiting companies and fair, in response to corporate and graduate program interest.



● Please rename your resume as :

Unofficial Transcript

A copy of your transcript is required to verify your academic qualification.


● Please rename your transcript as :

One-time Membership Fee

A one-time membership fee of $125, which it covers national dues, initiation cost, personalized pin/pendant and certificate, and subsidize annual banquet. Currently we accept only cash or checks.


● Please make check payable to:
” A.S / Tau Beta Pi “
● We accept Venmo payment to  
(Tau Beta Pi California Kappa)

Catalog Card (online)

Name engraved on pins and printed certificates will be obtained from the catalog card. In addition, The Bent magazines will be sent to the address you filled out on the catalog card.


● Please double check all the information before you submit.  

● You will be receiving the e-Catalog Card in your CSUN email week(s) before initiation ceremony.


Your one-time initiation fee includes:

1. National Dues
2. Personalized Pin/Pendant
3. Tau Beta Pi Official Certificate
4. Tau Beta Pi Official Membership Card
5. Discounted admission for annual banquet  
6. Discounted price for Chapter’s Tshirt

-- STEP Iii --

Character Requirement

attend chapter events

We require potential initiates to attend at least two chapter events during the initiation cycle. 

List of events can be found at Events

Attend Orientation

We recommend potential initiates to attend one orientation session during the semester to learn the full potential of TBP and what the organization has to offer to our members.

*This will count towards one of the two chapter events required

community service

(Optional) We encourage our potential initiates to attend and perform community services to demonstrate their exemplary character. At least two hours of community service can be substituted as one chapter event required.

Note: Only one event substitution is allowed.

Proof of participation needed.
Please Contact Us for more information.

-- STEP IV --

Mandatory Initiation Ceremony

Your presence is required!

Every eligible initiates must attend the initiation.
Should any initiates failed to show up in the initiation, the chapter has the right to revoke your invitation into our chapter for the semester.
Business attire is required for the initiation ceremony. Initiates who failed to dress accordingly will be rejected into our initiation ceremony.
The payment made is non-refundable. 

” Tau Beta Pi is the only engineering honor society representing the entire engineering profession “

” Nation’s second-oldest honor society in the United States “