Supporting Documents

For your convenience, we have prepared you a checklist with deadlines to make sure you stay on track so that you can successfully be part of the Engineering Honors! You can download the checklist here

Send us an email to schedule for an in-person meeting to pay the one-time initiation fee. We accept cash or check at this time, and make the check payable to “A.S/ Tau Beta Pi” ; more info here.

California Kappa at CSUN was first established on February 17, 1968, and will be celebrating their 50th Anniversary on February 17, 2018! A plaque was awarded by the TBP Headquarters to commemorate such special occasion! 

A Letter from Tau Beta Pi Headquarters congratulating California Kappa for celebrating our 50th Anniversary since our first establishment at CSUN! 

A Letter from CSUN Office of the Vice President for Student Affair, celebrating Tau Beta Pi California Kappa Chapter at CSUN 50th Anniversary on Feb 17, 2018!

New Member orientation slides

” Tau Beta Pi is the only engineering honor society representing the entire engineering profession “

” Nation’s second-oldest honor society in the United States “

Coming soon in Fall 2018