executive council

Executive Officers


The President shall serve as the chief executive officer of the organization and the official spokesperson of the organization, representing the policies, views, and opinions of the organizations in its relations with the campus and community at large, whom he/she shall have such further powers and duties as may be prescribed by the organization.  The President shall serve as an ex-officio member of all committees. The President must have/had at least a semester of experience as an officer of the organization, and highly involved in management of the organization. 

Vice - President

The Vice-President shall assist the President in overseeing the organization’s activities, preside at organization meetings in the absence of the President, perform all legal duties assigned by the President. The Vice-President shall serve as the Chair of the Program Committee and shall remain impartial at decision-making processes.


The Treasurer shall handle all financial affairs and budgeting of the organization, maintain all necessary accounting records and prepare monthly financial reports to the members. Of all, the treasurer should maintain a financial history of the organization, by preparing an annual budget and all budget requests for funds, and advises officers and members on financial matters in organizing events. The Treasurer shall serve as the Chair of the Finance Committee. 

Recording Secretary

The Secretary shall keep a record of all activities and members of the organization to keep the organization informed of both organizational (chapter, district and national) and university businesses. The Secretary shall prepare an agenda with the President for all meetings, creates and distributes agenda, keeps and distributes minutes of each meeting of the organization, and serves as the Chair of the  Historian Committee.

Corresponding Secretary

The Secretary shall be responsible for regular and timely completion and submission of all required reports to the Tau Beta Pi National Office, all Association correspondence, and shall keep copies thereof on file. The Secretary is responsible in all communications within the organization, members, national office as well as other student organizations, and serves as the Chair of Communication Committee.

Advisory Board

The Student Advisory Board shall be composed of the President, Vice President, Treasurer, Recording and Corresponding Secretary, and the officers elected in the previous term, and shall be responsible for providing valuable inputs and advises in organization affairs, and to ensure the smooth transition of power to the newly elected officers. 

standing / Ad Hoc committee

Board Officer

Curriculum Coordinator

The Curriculum Coordinator shall be responsible in the process of adding new major to the organization’s approved major (to initiate people from the major), by making case for petition and appeal at the national level. 

Event Coordinator

The Event Coordinator shall be responsible for organizing all organization’s events, including professional developments, social events, and fundraisers, unless an ad-hoc committee exists. The Event Coordinator should be responsible for sending invitations to members, booking rooms for events, activities and refreshments. 

Initiation Coordinator

The Initiation Coordinator shall be charged with all responsibilities related to initiation, including updating the New Member Orientation slideshow, setting candidate deadlines, keep track of candidate progress and answer any questions regarding initiation, and booking rooms for New Member Orientation and initiation ceremony. 

Image & Marketing Coordinator

The Image & Marketing Coordinator shall be charged making recommendations for changes, updates, designing new apparels for the new intake of initiates. The coordinator shall be responsible of reviewing the marketing materials for when events to promote the organization, such as Pi Day and Meet the Clubs days.

Media Coordinator

The Media Coordinator shall be responsible with all the graphics of the organization, including designing and creating the flyers for each event, taking pictures in every event and graphics for website design such as officers portraits and organization group photos. 

Outreach Coordinator

The Outreach Coordinator shall be responsible for managing relationships and contacts with alumni, other TBP collegiate chapter officers, industry, and non-TBP affiliations. 

Promotion Coordinator

The Promotion Coordinator shall focus on generating ideas in promoting the events to TBP members and/or non-members, by decorating and updating the glass bulletin board in Jacaranda Hall, as well as posting posters/flyers in Jacaranda Hall as needed. 

Retreat Coordinator

The Retreat Coordinator shall be responsible for planning officers’ retreat every year, including choosing a location, the room and board and retreat team-bonding activities such as explorations and/or hikes. 


The Webmaster shall manage domain and webhosting for the organization, constantly update and maintain the organization’s website, as well as social media accounts such as Facebook. 

” Tau Beta Pi is the only engineering honor society representing the entire engineering profession “

” Nation’s second-oldest honor society in the United States “

• Networking / Fundraising –  March 1, 2018
• Mandatory Initiation –  March 9, 2018
• Pi Day – March 14, 2018
• District Conference – April 14, 2018
• 50th Anniversary Banquet – April 21, 2018