maintaining active membership

attend AT LEAST ONE chapter events

Members must attend at least one chapter event every semester in order to maintain active membership status for the next semester. 

Active members will be able to enjoy the benefits as listed below. 
At the discretion of chapter officers, non-active members can be refused certain benefits.

List of events can be found here

active membership benefits



Tau Beta Pi awards $2000 to student members for a year of undergraduate study. Individual application is OPEN now and is due on April 1, 2018.


Student Loans

Tau Beta Pi loans student members, undergraduate and graduate, a maximum of $2,500 up to three years at an interest rate of 6% per annum on the unpaid balance. Ask the chapter officers for more info!

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TBP Job Bulletin Board

Tau Beta Pi has partnered with YourMembership in creating a protected, state-of-the-art, online career center that is customized for engineers, engineering students, and employers.


Career Assistance

Looking to build and boost your resume? Tau Beta Pi is the premier and well-known engineering honor society that values by corporates and recruiters!


Personalized Pin/Pendant/Charm

Members will receive a personalized pin/pendant (Last name engraved at the back) upon initiation. Additional charms can be purchased at an additional fee here.


Graduation Regalia

TBP graduation stoles, cords and tassels can be purchased at a discounted rate from the chapter officers. Ask the officers for more info!

Priority & Discounted Event Admission

The chapter hosts various events on campus every semester such as Engineering Futures by inviting alumni from industry to give interactive seminars on leadership, management, teamwork and other job skills.


The Bent Magazine Subscription

A four year subscription to The Bent, a powerful voice for engineering profession and an advocate for recognizing engineering contribution.



Tau Beta Pi awards $10,000 to student members for a year of graduate study. Application opens December every year and due February 1.

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Laureate Award

Tau Beta Pi awards $2500 to student members who "outstandingly exemplify the spirit of liberal culture in engineering colleges". Nomination due April 1, 2018 by Chapter. Ask us for more info!


Networking & Mentoring Opportunities

Los Angeles, Orange County and Greater San Diego Alumni chapters are offering a mentorship program that will give members advises and assistance that they need. Ask us for more info!

Tau Beta Pi Civil Services

An automatic entry-level advancement of U.S Government applicants to GS-7 pay-scale.


FE and PE Test Preparation Discounts

TBP members receive a 30% discounts on all PPI-published exam preparation materials for Fundamental and/or Principles and Practice of Engineering exam. Ask us for more info!


Personalized Certificate

A personalized certificate issued by TBP Headquarters for all initiated members to officially welcome them to the nation's oldest and largest engineering honor society.

Access to GiftedHired

Tau Beta Pi members have been invited to join GIftedHire, an invitation-only community to top entry level talent. GiftedHire helps make it easy to start building a professional profile and create a network of contacts.


Travel & Relocation Discounts

Exclusive discounts from many corporate sponsorship to Tau Beta Pi members and their families, such as GEICO insurance, travel & room discounts, etc...

” Tau Beta Pi is the only engineering honor society representing the entire engineering profession “

” Nation’s second-oldest honor society in the United States “