2018-2019 Executive Officer Election Result

On April 27, 2018, over a dozen members and officers of Tau Beta Pi CA Kappa met for elections. Light snacks and drinks were provided. Membership certificates, membership cards, and pins were first distributed to Spring 2018 initiates who had not already received them.  This year, President Yin has implemented two new systems in the election to encourage members involvement in the election. Members who were absent received text messages regarding the position and the nominees, and they can cast their vote via text messages within the two minutes interval for each position, likewise for the present members. Then, result is immediately reveal after the two minutes interval, which are summarized as below:

  • President: Yin Fung Khong – majority of 97%
  • Vice President: Michael Baello – majority of 89%
  • Treasurer: James Stuemke – majority of 44%
  • Recording Secretary: Vanessa Vargas – majority of 58%
  • Corresponding Secretary: Jorge Sanchez – majority of 77%
  • Curriculum Coordiantor: Kelsi Dunne, Sutichai Savathasuk (tie 42% for both)
  • Event Coordinator: Dennis Inestroza (Uncontested)
  • Image & Marketing Coordinator: Menua Aghajanian (Uncontested)
  • Initiation Coordinator: Daniel Diaz – majority of 58%
  • Media Coordinator: Jonathan Kaya – majority of 58%
  • Outreach Coordinator: Sutichai Savathasuk – majority of 91%
  • Retreat Coordinator: Timothy Udall – majority of 45%
  • Webmaster: Joshua Kristanto & Cassandra Chavez-Suarez

Congratulations to the officer-elect, and we thank you in advance for your involvement and interest in helping the chapter!